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Flex 3 Certification Guide

December 24, 2008

I successfully passed the Flex 3 with AIR certification on 8th November 2008. If you notice the date on which this post is blogged, its almost a month and a half later. Well, that shows my laziness to blog! Anyways I wanted to blog this experience particularly as I am very sure that it will help many of the Flex developers who aspire to become certified for Flex 3.

What will you find in this post: In this post, you will find the steps you could follow to get prepared for Flex 3 certification. You will also find reference materials that you may use for studying

What you will NOT find: You will NOT find any questions that I got in the certification exam. You will NOT find clues, hints, tips, secrets to clear the exam. You must know that there are no shortcuts to success.

Where should you start: Well, if you are preparing for the exam, first read Anand Vardhan’s blog on getting certified for Flex 2. Don’t think that he had written it for Flex 2 and you are preparing for Flex 3 certification. The most important learnings from the post are still very much valid. Taking forward from where Anand had left…

What’s different in Flex 3 (as compared to Flex 2 certification): One big difference in the two certifications is the inclusion of Adobe AIR. There are around 10 questions on AIR. Other than that, all that has changed in Flex and its SDK from 2.0 to 3.0 are different.

Tips for Preparation: The best way to learn something in and out is to do a full project on it. Same applies for Flex 3/AIR as well. If you want to learn it, do some project on it. Create some kind of an application that uses the full power of Flex and AIR. This way you can understand the nitty-gritties and complexities of the tool. Apart from this, read any book on Flex 3 like Programming Flex 3, Learning Flex 3, and Flex 3 Cookbook. And also read ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns. Apart from these, there are tons of other reading material on the Internet like blogs, discussion forums, devnet etc which will help you enhance your knowledge. Also visit Adobe’s official site for Flex 3 certification.

How easy or difficult is it: This is something that depends on the skillset of the person attempting the exam. Adobe has set a very “achievable” passing percentage of 67%. But at the same time, the getting all the questions correct will not be a cakewalk. From my experience, what I found was that I could answer almost 50% of the questions because I had practically faced the scenario sometime or the other. So it really helps if you have hands-on knowledge on Flex 3. This doesn’t mean that people who have not worked on live projects will not be able to answer the questions. But its just that it makes the life easier for those who have used Flex in the day-to-day life!

The Last Word: I would like to wish all aspirant Adobe Certified Experts for Flex 3 with AIR a very whole hearted BEST OF LUCK. Prepare well and come out with flying colors. Please feel free to ask me anything about the certification and I will update this post itself with the answers.