Custom Right-Click ContextMenu in Flex

December 12, 2008

Ever wanted to get rid of the typical context menu that you get when you right click anywhere in Flash Player? Well Flex API does not provide any feature to stop this. However some genius mind created a hack to not let the Flash Player know that the right click has happened. Instead, just call a Flex method using ExternalInterface. And in this method, create the menu (or do whatever else you want).

Run Demo

Download Demo/Source
Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2

P.S: All credits to custom-context-menu creators for developing the functionality!



  1. good exmple..but its not working in Opera =(
    actually I’m using Firefox..but i’d tested it in all browsers which i have installed

  2. Hi ,

    I am not able to access the source code for this .Is there some other way i can access the sorce code or if possible could you please mail it to my email id vineethrai@yahoomail.com

    Thanks ,

  3. Hi… I am able to download it… Could be a DNS issue… try downloading it using a free proxy.

  4. Great example. This is the only one that is exactly what I’m looking for. Unfortunately, while I can run the example, I can’t get to the zip file to get the source. freehostia doesn’t seem to recognize your URL and throws me to the home page. Could you possibly host it somewhere else?

  5. It seems that http://flexvenk.freehostia.com/RightClick/RightClick.html doesn’t exist anymore. Did anyone download the code? If so, could you make it available somewhere?

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