Cross Domain Woes

May 3, 2008

Cross domain has been something that has been nagging the developer fraternity since time eternity. The first time I heard about this term – cross domain was way back during my early days in e-learning. We were making simple e-learning courses and our client got over ambitious and wanted to use clustered servers to host the courses. They wanted the courses to reside on a different server and the Learning Management System (LMS) to be on a different server. And the best thing was that he did not even tell us before he did this.

What happened was an expectant collapse. The courses ran fine but did not track any data in the LMS. And since we did not have any clue about what the client did and even otherwise, atleast I did not have any clue what cross-domain policies are, we were all in deep trouble! Then after doing a lot of research and thankfully a timely information from the client that they had hosted the course on a different server as the LMS, it helped us zero in on this issue.
The reason I wrote this blog today is because it has been almost 4 years for the above mentioned incident to have occurred. And today after these four years, cross domain issue has haunted me again. I was making my website in Flex and till the time I was publishing the project locally, everything was working like a charm. And the moment I hosted it on the net, a few of the sections started breaking. There was an RSS feed on the home page from my blog, and then there was a complete section for Blog and Photos (from Picasa) and both these sections collapsed.

I am disappointed now that I did not realize this when I was designing my website and was finalizing on its contents. Now I am looking for some alternate solutions like a web service that can route the data to my website.

I seriously hope I get something 😦


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